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Techies to play key role in MLC polls: Sundeep Kumar

Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) said that techies working in the IT and ITES sectors will play a key role in the ensuing MLC elections to two graduates constituencies. Speaking to media, TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala said that of the 6 lakh IT workforce in the State, 40 per cent hail from Telangana. These techies have registered themselves as electors for the upcoming graduates’ constituency MLC elections, he said. 

 Sundeep Makthala appealed to the techies to cast their votes in the MLC elections slated to be held on March 14 and strengthen the democratic process. He also appealed the victorious individuals in MLC elections should resolve the issues of techies after their election.

Sundeep  said that according to the State government’s official count, the number of individuals working in IT and ITES sector stood at  5,82,126 as of March 31, 2020. The number is expected to reach 6 lakh this year. He said that of this workforce 40 per cent hail from Telangana and play a crucial role in the election of the new MLCs.

He said that techies working from home during the lockdown have registered themselves as voters in the graduates’ voter list. The ‘Work From Home’ option has come as an opportunity for the techies who can now easily vote in the MLC polls as most of them are now based in their home towns, Sundeep Makthala said. Earlier, most techies failed to take part in voting due to their work based in Hyderabad but now the situation is quite different and techies will play  crucial role in this election. The said electors are keeping a close watch on the electioneering for the two seats that will go to the polls on March 14.

Speaking on the occasion, TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala said that techies can play a key role in the graduates’ MLC polls and appealed to them to cast their votes in large numbers. He said that having registered as voters in large numbers, techies now got a chance to have their say in the election of MLCs. He appealed to techies to use their franchise and be part of strengthening democracy. He said that apart from B.Tech youngsters pursuing technical courses also have high hopes from the IT sector. He said that those working in the IT sector also have many issues to be addressed and appealed to the MLC candidates in the poll fray to raise their issues once they win the election in the Upper House (Council). Efforts should be made to bring in IT companies to tier II and tier III cities, the TITA chief said.  Numerous professionals like drivers, security, housekeeping and others get employed directly or indirectly in IT sector. Decentralized development of IT firms will bring bright prospects for youth in town and districts, Sundeep  said.

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