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Sampath dares state ministers for a debate


AICC Secretary SA Sampath Kumar today dared state ministers to come for a debate with them on any issue related to containment of Covid 19 by the  government in the Telangana state. He expressed his anger over the remarks of state ministers KTR and Etela Rajender that rival Congress party leaders were getting monstrous pleasure by lying on the status of the virus.

He alleged that the ministers, who should behave responsibly were lying against their party leaders and insulting the people of the state to hide their failures. He mocked that the ministers were taking part in Harithaharam program and demolishing the state secretariat while the people of the were losing their lives due to the deadly virus. Stating that 1920 positive cases and 11 deaths  are  reported from the  state on Friday, he dared the two ministers to declare the names of all the victims of the virus.

He said that he was ready to quit politics if he failed to prove the lies of the two ministers. He made it clear that the details of the COVID-19 patients and the dead were completely false . He said that the congress Party would continue to raise the on behalf of the people of the State.

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