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Oakridge Visakhapatnam has Opened a New Early Years Campus to Nurture Young Minds

Oakridge Visakhapatnam inaugurated its new state-of-the-art Early Years Campus in the city’s heart at Siripuram. With a commitment to providing exceptional early childhood education, the new campus is designed to empower young learners through exploration, creativity, and holistic development.

The New Early Years Campus was inaugurated by Mr. Christopher Short, Managing Director, India – Nord Anglia Education, along with Mr. Amit Jain, School Director, Ms. Shaila Bhamidipati, Principal, and other Senior leaders. “Let’s empower our children by embracing international standards in education. It’s their passport to global success. Let’s invest in their future today!” says the MD.  

Director Oakridge Visakhapatnam Mr Amit Jain highlighted the campus’s purposeful design, setting the stage for a transformative journey of learning and discovery. “We believe that the foundation of a child’s growth and potential lies in the early years. Our curriculum adopts a comprehensive approach, nurturing every facet of a child’s development,” said Mr. Jain.  

The new campus features an array of unique qualities that emphasise the profound impact of early education and focus on a child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.  Ms. Shaila Bhamidipati emphasised the child-centric infrastructure of the campus. “Our campus provides a secure and stimulating space where children can explore, create, and learn. From interactive classrooms to innovative zones such as the towering wall, relaxation areas, and language labs, every aspect of the campus is designed to ignite curiosity and promote creativity,” said Ms. Bhamidipati.  

The new campus focuses on early education and child development. Ms. Shaila Bhamidipati, Principal of Oakridge Visakhapatnam, emphasises the child-centric infrastructure. The campus offers kids a safe, exciting learning, creating, and exploring environment. Every aspect is designed to foster curiosity and encourage creativity.

The Oakridge Early Years Campus offers specialised facilities for an international early childhood curriculum Kids can explore their age-appropriate STEM kits, multisensory materials, and engaging learning resources for their cognitive development. The new campus is a milestone in providing a secure, stimulating, and engaging environment that fosters a love for learning and holistic development.  

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