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Lighthouse Learning Unveils #DontSkipTheFirstPage Campaign to Drive Eco-Consciousness

Through this campaign, Lighthouse Learning challenges the age-old tradition of leaving notebook pages blank, advocating for sustainable practices in education

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Lighthouse Learning, India’s leading Early Childhood and K-12 Education Group, launched its new campaign as a part of their corporate social Responsibility (CSR) initiative dedicated to environmental sustainability. In its new campaign titled ‘#DontSkipTheFirstPage’, Lighthouse Learning aims to challenge the age-old tradition of leaving the first page of notebooks blank, advocating for a small change that can yield significant positive impacts on our planet.

The tradition of skipping the first page of notebooks has persisted for generations, rooted in beliefs ranging from superstition to aesthetics. However, what has been overlooked is the significant environmental cost associated with this seemingly harmless tradition. Research indicates that more than 312 crore first pages are skipped annually, impacting approximately 3.12 lakh trees and resulting in 1600 tonnes of carbon emissions. The production of a single page of paper generates about 5 grams of carbon emissions, contributing to the pressing environmental issues we face today.

Driven by an unwavering commitment for environmental stewardship, Lighthouse Learning is urging students, educators, and employees across their network of schools nationwide to utilise the first page of their notebooks to catalyse a shift towards sustainability. Through this campaign, Lighthouse Learning aims to ignite a ripple effect, inspiring individuals and institutions nationwide to reassess their consumption patterns and adopt more eco conscious behaviors.

On the launch of the campaign, Prajodh Rajan, Co-Founder and Group CEO, Lighthouse Learning, said, “The launch of the #DontSkipTheFirstPage campaign this World Environment Day is a call to recognise the profound impact that small, collective actions can have on our planet. It transcends the act of using that first page; it is an invitation to evaluate our habits and adopt a more mindful approach to consumption. We urge everyone to join us in this movement by using all the pages in their notebooks, thereby contributing to the reduction of paper wastage. By collectively embracing this simple change, we can significantly cut carbon emissions and ensure the preservation of our environment for future generations. Let’s together, lead the way to create a more sustainable world.”

Lighthouse Learning remains committed to empowering students not just academically, but also as environmentally conscious citizens through initiatives like #DontSkipTheFirstPage. By promoting sustainable practices like, Lighthouse Learning aims to inspire a generation of change makers who prioritise the health of the planet.

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