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Left, TJS slam Centre, State Govts on Corona crisis

Opposition parties of CPI,  CPM,  TJS,  TD and other left parties today criticised that the Centre, and state governments have totally  failed to contain corona spread. 

Talking to media persons at Makhdoom Bhavan here they hit out at the governments for rise in corona crisis. 

We will conduct a virtual public meeting against them on August 2 they said.  While people are talking prey to corona and fearing to go to hospitals,  the  KCR government is unable to give confidence,  they charged. 

The state government has to offer Rs 7500 and  12 kg rice to poor amid corona crisis. The state government is hand in glove with the Central BJP government,  they fumed. Instead of covid 19 steps,  the government is removing old Secretariat buildings for a new one. 

It is waste of public money and time is to check virus spread,  they suggested. We will start people’s movement against the failures of the government. 

The poor and workers are not getting work and money and the government should help them through bonds. 

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