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Indoco launches FEVINDO 400

Indoco launches FEVINDO 400

Indoco Remedies announced the launch of FEVINDO (Favipiravir) 400 mg Tablets in India. Fevindo – 400 (Favipiravir) is an antiviral drug, effective against the RNA-based influenza virus. The drug has been approved by DCGI in the treatment of Covid-19. Fevindo 400 reduces pill burden by 50% and ensures convenient dosing and better patient compliance.

In a statement here today,  Aditi Kare Panandikar, Managing Director – Indoco Remedies Ltd. commented, “The Covid-19 crisis has created vast disruption to life in India and all over the globe. As part of pharma industry, we have been able to do our bit in the prevention of Covid-19 with our brands Karvol Plus, ATM, Febrex Plus and Rexidin SRS Mouthwash.

With the launch of FEVINDO, we are taking the next step from prevention to the treatment of Covid-19.” Fevindo – 400 (Favipiravir) will be made available at all government approved COVID care centres and selected medical practitioners across the country. In addition to Fevindo, Indoco has two more new products for launch in Covid Care range, i.e., Povidone Iodine Gargle and Immunity booster chewable tablets with Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Indoco has always been committed to provide quality medicines at affordable prices and with the launch of these products, the Company is all set to venture into the treatment of Covid-19. 

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