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IIT Delhi launches Certificate Programme in Data Analytics for Business Applications; Set to Empower Professionals towards Data Excellence

The 7-month programme caters to professionals from diverse backgrounds and integrates essential business tools. It enables participants to effectively interpret complex datasets while navigating the data-driven business landscape

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, data has emerged as the cornerstone of the modern enterprise, serving as the driving force behind breakthrough insights, informed decision-making, and exponential growth. As businesses increasingly rely on data-driven strategies to navigate complexities and capitalise on opportunities, the need for skilled professionals adept in harnessing the power of data analytics has never been more pronounced.  Acknowledging the pivotal role data plays in shaping the trajectory of business landscape, the Indian Institute of Delhi (IITD), acclaimed for its 2nd rank in the Ministry of Education’s NIRF 2023 rankings in Engineering, announced the launch of Certificate Programme in Data Analytics for Business Applications.

This high-impact 7-months programme is meticulously designed for professionals from diverse backgrounds. It caters to early professionals seeking to elevate their understanding of data analytics for adept decision-making. It is also tailored for the mid-career professionals aiming to strengthen their expertise with modern analytical methodologies, enabling them to drive impactful strategies. Similarly, it equips consultants with tools for utilising descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, empowering them to offer tailored solutions for optimising clients’ operational efficiency and strategic outcomes. Additionally, it will also enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to leverage consumer insights and advanced analytics to refine offerings, fostering sustained growth and competitive advantage.

According to the survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor, in India, the analytics industry is predicted to grow to a market size of $98.0 billion by 2025 and $118.7 billion by 2026. This underscores the significance of equipping professionals with robust data analytics skills to meet the evolving demands of the global business landscape. Recognising this demand, the Certificate Programme in Data Analytics for Business Applications aims to empower participants with the skills to unravel complex business challenges, drive data-driven decision-making, and unlock strategic innovation powered by analytics.

The IITD Certificate Programme in Data Analytics for Business Applications, designed by renowned IITD faculty, includes live online sessions delivered by top IITD faculty, hands-on learning experience, industry oriented insights, real world case-studies, a Capstone project and an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning. Additionally, it also includes essential business analytics tools like Python, SPSS, SQL, KNIME, and Orange, enabling participants to effectively analyse and interpret complex datasets. The modules includes impactful topics such as core statistical analysis, advanced statistical analysis, prescriptive decision science systems, & AI and Machine Learning.

This programme will enable participants to:

  • Identify and articulate intricate business challenges through analytical frameworks
  • Apply a diverse range of analytical techniques to develop data driven growth strategies
  • Translate the findings of business analytics endeavours into actionable strategies for enhanced organisational performance
  • Demonstrate adeptness in leveraging analytics tools and methodologies to drive innovation and achieve competitive advantage
  • Cultivate the skillset to synthesise data insights into compelling narratives, facilitating informed business decisions across functional domains

The eligibility for this programme includes Graduates (10+2+3) or Diploma holders (10+2+3) from a recognised university ((UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Government/recognised international universities) with mandatory background of 12th-grade Mathematics. This programme is set to begin on June 30, 2024, with a fee of INR 98,000 plus GST.

Upon successful completion of the programme with a minimum grading of 50% and maintaining a minimum attendance of 60 percent, participants will be awarded a prestigious certificate of completion from CEP, IIT Delhi.

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