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Govt keen to address rain woes: Srinivas Yadav

V Srinivas Goud

Animal husbandry minister T Srinivas Yadav today reiterated that the state government will take steps to address rain related problems on a permanent basis. 

The future generations will sure available better facilities and no more rain related areas in the twin Cities he vowed.  He hinted at the emergency meeting to be convened by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and to be attended by ministers KTR,  himself and others. 

He said that more encroachments of nalas led to submerging of the lower lying areas. 

Srinivas Yadav visited several localities with officials and promised all help to rain victims.  The minister said that the rains hit the state badly and the city for a few days causing a lot of loss.  An official meeting to be held soon to find a permanent solution to this problem,  Srinivas Yadav said. 

These low lying areas are getting inundated due to heavy rains and victims are getting facilities in shelters.  The government will address these issues by calling a key meeting in a few days he said. 

He asked the officials to help rain victims to relieve of the problem. All those in shelters, will get food,  medicines and blankets, he said. 

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