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GHMC takes up  Rs.450 Crore works during lockdown


GHMC Commissioner D.S.Lokesh Kumar said, that the maintenance wing completed nearly Rs.450 Crore worth of works during lock down period. Due to the spread of pandemic “Covid-19” in India, a Country-wide Lockdown has been imposed by the Government of India and Government of Telangana from  March 22  to May 31. Further the Commissioner said during one of the review meeting held on March 23 it was instructed by the  Minister, MA&UD  K.T. Rama Rao that the  Chief Minister  K. Chandrashekar Rao directed to take up the road works duly utilizing the thin traffic conditions during lockdown period and complete as much as possible road length to facilitate the public with safe roads.

            Accordingly, as per the directions of the  Minister MA&UD K.Taraka Ramarao, the GHMC has undertaken various works under CRMP and completed them at earliest. During normal conditions, the working hours for laying of BT roads is from 11.00 PM to 5.00 AM (6 hours) in the nights daily and the turnover would have been about 1.5 km of a 4 lane road. But during lockdown the working hours increased to 14 hours and by deploying multiple sets of machinery the CRMP agencies could lay about 250 km (about

1000 lane km) of BT roads and few VDCC roads by taking the advantage of no traffic conditions. The value of work done by CRMP agencies in GHMC limits is Rs. 320.00 Cr till date and likely to complete works worth about Rs. 400.00 Cr till the end of July 2020. Apart  from this, other contractors of GHMC also took advantage of lockdown conditions and completed works worth about Rs. 50.00 Cr in various circles. Thus GHMC Engineering Maintenance Wing utilized the lockdown conditions to give hassle free roads to the citizens of GHMC of a total value of Rs. 450.00 Cr. As per the CRMP, Strengthening and Re- carpeting of 50% of roads i.e., out of 709 Km of roads, 331 Km have to be completed by the CRMP agencies in the first year.

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