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FORE School of Management gets approval from AICTE for its New Off-Campus in Gurugram

FORE School of Management (FSM), the pioneer in postgraduate management education, is proud to announce that it has received AICTE’s approval for the opening of its new off-campus in the heart of Gurugram in Sector 32. This strategic expansion reflects FSM’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art educational facilities and fostering academic excellence in one of India’s most vibrant economic corridors. FSM is one of the first PGDM standalone institutes to set up an off-campus site. The Gurugram Off-Campus will offer two courses- PGDM and PGDM (BDA) with 60 seats each.

While FORE School embraces the growth and opportunities presented by the opening of their Gurugram off-campus, they remain steadfast in their management ethos. The core leadership and governance principles that have steered FORE School of Management to its current stature will continue to guide them. FORE School’s commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation remains unchanged as they step into this exciting new phase of their journey.

In the heart of Corporate Hub, FORE School of Management’s gurugram campus is surrounded by corporates like Adidas, Adani, McKinsey & Company, Jindal Steel & Power, Reckitt Benckiser and many more, the Institute is strategically positioned to strengthen industry relations, enhancing live projects, internships and placements. The campus features well-planned infrastructure with technology-equipped classrooms designed to accommodate hybrid modes of course delivery. With their equipped computer labs featuring high-end systems, and a rich library offering a wealth of journals in both print and digital formats, the wi-fi enabled campus is set to become a hub for academic excellence and research. The AI and Big Data Analytics Lab will serve as a cornerstone for students to engage with the latest technologies and analytical tools, preparing them for the data-driven world. The upcoming Innovation & Incubation Centre aims to nurture new ideas and fostering entrepreneurial spirit, providing students with the resources to turn their visions into reality.

Additionally, FSM plans to aggressively offer online short-term certification programs, supported by a robust network of corporate partnerships, to meet the evolving needs of today’s corporate professionals.  The new campus boasts excellent connectivity with nearby metro stations, roads, airports, and railway services ensuring easy access for students and faculty alike. It is located near to some of the finest hospitals like Medanta, Artemis and Fortis. Being within walking distance of Medanta, the campus ensures the well-being and safety of our community. The campus is situated in a lively area, next to a sports complex, offering a vibrant lifestyle and access to the amenities of a new-age city.

Elated on the occasion, Dr. B.B.L. Madhukar, Chairman, FORE said, “As we start our Gurugram off-campus, we celebrate a pivotal moment that encapsulates our enduring commitment to excellence in management education. With steadfast resolve, we continue to foster intellectual growth and prepare to empower the forthcoming cadre of business leader.”

 Dr. Subir Verma, Director, FORE School of Management quoted, “The inauguration of our off-campus in Gurugram heralds a new chapter for FORE School of Management, paving the way for unprecedented expansion and advancement. This milestone is not merely an addition to our infrastructure but a catalyst propelling FSM towards unparalleled heights of academic and institutional excellence. As we embark on this transformative journey, I am confident that the unwavering dedication and support of our community will be instrumental in forging the legacy of a distinguished institution.”


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