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EuroKids to help ‘Settle’ toddlers in the new academic year

  • Settling program ranging from 2 weeks to 17 weeks will help smoothen the transition into physical classrooms

EuroKids Pre-School, India’s leading Pre-School network, is all set to begin with the new academic year in June 2022 and has introduced a 2 weeks Settling Program across all of its 1200+ centres across the country, for children who will enter physical classrooms very soon. Known for its ‘Child First Ideology’, EuroKids is focusing on settling each child with a wide range of fun-filled activities over a number of weeks, in a home-like environment, with all the safety and hygiene protocols in place at each of its pre-school centre.

The Settling Program comprises of various exciting sessions to captivate toddlers and promote daily attendance at the pre-school. Some of these sessions will include outdoor activities, music sessions, yoga sessions, and many more opportunities to interact with their peers and teachers to get back their social skills. Once the ‘Settling Program’ ends, EuroKids’ well-trained teachers will use the exclusive innovative curriculum – EUNOIA – to stem the learning gap caused by the pandemic over the past two years.

EuroKids Pre-School’s curriculum ensures #UninterruptedLearning for children as critical skills like language, motor, and cognitive skills, social behaviour, and communication are developed in the early years between 0-5 years of age. EuroKids Pre-School’s HomeBuddy App and Home Engagement Program offer structured learning programs and activities for the holistic development of children. Every program at EuroKids Pre-schools is built to provide the children with the right stimulation for their age with the right balance of learning and fun to ensure overall development. Kid’s games at PlayGroup, Nursery, and Kindergarten activities at EuroJunior and EuroSenior level programs are designed to encourage curiosity and fuel the creative side of the young minds.

EUNOIA, the Mindful curriculum at EuroKids Pre-schools is derived from the Child First ideology, where the innocent and beautiful mind of the children is the inspiration for advancement. Integrated with fun-based learning methodologies EUNOIA, the mindful curriculum provides a mix of fun activities and games impacting MIND, BODY, and SOUL thereby building a strong foundation for the children to learn, grow and imbibe essential life skills. The curriculum has 3 domains which are further divided into the various programs such as EuroFit, Euphonics, MathLab, Scientific Spark, YogaKids, EuroMusic, and Mindful + which are in association with specialized content delivery partners. 

KVS Seshasai, CEO, Pre-K Division, Lighthouse Learning, said “We have started the admission process and look forward to welcoming children for the forthcoming academic year 2022-23. Our Settling Program is aimed at helping toddlers come back to school and enjoy learning with their friends. Be it the introduction of technology in the learning or safety of the children, EuroKids has always been a step ahead. The HomeBuddy App launched amidst the pandemic has helped us in providing #uninterruptedlearning and also to develop an interactive and engaging classroom online.”

In terms of the safety of young children, EuroKids Pre-School has implemented a 22 point safety protocol system laid out by the leading international hygiene, safety, and security specialists like BVQI, Hicare, and Diversey at all the centres. Only fully vaccinated staff and teachers will be allowed to attend the pre-schools. Everyone at the pre-schools is required to follow proper Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which have been communicated to them well in advance. Health and Safety Officers will be conducting training on the new normal rules for teachers, caregivers, maids, security staff, and attendants before the opening of the preschools and subsequently at regular intervals.

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