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Dasoju Demands for Restoration of Flood Relief Funds Registration and Distribution to the Victims

AICC Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju slams the State Election Commission (SEC) for taking a U turn on the distribution of flood relief funds to the victims. The SEC while announcing the GHMC election schedule yesterday allowed the registration and distribution of flood relief funds. However, on Wednesday it has issued a new notification by stalling the process citing the election code. The senior Congress Party leader criticized the SEC for showing double standards and acting like a puppet in the hands of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao. “Wonder why the SEC has reversed the decision within 24 hours. What prompted you to suddenly issue this notification? You are behaving like a slave to KCR”, Dr Sravan fired.

He further criticized the functioning of the SEC in Telangana and demanded for the ‘immediate restoration of the registration and distribution of flood relief funds in Hyderabad’. Sravan also asks KCR and KTR to stop the shameless politics in the name of flood relief funds.
The AICC leader suspects a big conspiracy behind this sudden decision by the SEC and cries foul by the TRS and the BJP. Although the SEC has taken this decision to stall the funds distribution process at the behest of CM KCR, he said that KCR is trying to blame the Congress Party by shamelessly saying that the process was stalled due to the complaint by Congress Party. “The Congress Party is demanding only to stop the cash distribution and application process at E-Seva and Mee-Seva centres. And we are demanding for the direct money transfer to the accounts of the last victim of Hyderabad floods”, he explained.

While speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan on Wednesday, Sravan said, “Thousands of people including women are standing in big queues without food or shelter due to the decisions taken by the mindless KCR and KTR who are enjoying the show with an evil mindset. Some of the people are even sleeping on the roads overnight by bringing blankets fearing that they might not get the chance to apply if they leave the place. They are putting their valuable lives at risk due to the pandemic Covid-19 spread. This pathetic situation is seen across the divisions which is so painful and indigestible”. The AICC leader has presented the videos of people standing in front of mee-seva centres.  

According to Dr Sravan, the Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao and Municipal Administration Minister KT Rama Rao are playing shamelessly with the innocent people of Hyderabad. They are literally making thousands of Hyderabad people to stand, sit and sleep on the roads in front of E-Seva and MeeSeva centres to apply for the flood relief funds. At a time when the second spell of Covid-19 threat is looming, he said that it is very dangerous for the people (men, women and children) who are standing in the serpentine queues day and night across the wards of GHMC in Hyderabad. The senior Congress Party leader criticized KCR and KTR’s Mareecha sort of attitude towards the citizens who are putting their lives at risk to get Rs 10,000 compensation by the government.

Despite being a highly educated person, why are you making cheap politics with the innocent people just for the sake of votes? Can’t you transfer the amount directly into their accounts just like you did it (Rs 1,500 transferred) during the lockdown period? Do you have the basic humanity? Aren’t you eating food? You are insulting the self respect of the poor people who have been devastated due to the incessant rains that lashed the city of Hyderabad. They will definitely teach you the right lesson for sure in the GHMC elections”, Dr Sravan fired on KTR.

As thousands of people gathered at e-seva, meeseva centres, Covid-19 guidelines are being violated. Neither the colleges, nor the theatres are opened. But, the mindless leaders are making people stand on the streets.

. However, both the TRS and the BJP criticize each other for not providing financial assistance for the flood relief victims. “Both the parties are doing silly politics in the mud water of Hyderabad floods. We request the people of Hyderabad to teach a big lesson to the TRS and the BJP in the GHMC elections”, Dr Sravan appealed.

The Congress party has earlier demanded the government to delay the GHMC elections until the last victim receives the relief funds. It has requested the Governor to interfere into the matter and approached the Chief Justice for the help. However, the government went as per its plan with the support of the state election commission which has announced the GHMC election schedule yesterday.

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