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Corona declines in Telangana as cases less by 1000 put at 5186


Corona cases are being declined in Telangana for some days now. As the state reported 5186 cases. It is around 1000 plus cases less compared to the cases reported on Friday. 
Out of tests conducted for 69,148 cases only 5186 cases reported and its significant trend as the government increased steps to break virus spread and Corona chain.
On Saturday the officials showed lower number of cases which is less compared to Friday cases that were out at 6320 cases. So far 4,92,385 cases are positive and more recovery of 7994 cases with 38 deaths today total death ms put at 2704. A health bulletin informed thus and it shows a sharp decline in cases.
The Government hospitals are fully equipped with more facilities, oxygen, injections, beds, health staff in all hospitals and health centers. The government offers facilities and instructed officials to continuously monitor treatment and services to contain chain.
Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has reviewed the Corona cases, steps to break chain through more facilities and services.  The government has allotted Rs 2500 Cr to enhance these health facilities and infrastructure in the hospitals and health centers.
The government is focused on breaking the chain to follow Corona protocols, imposed night curfew till May 15 in the state

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