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Beware of Corona–Take All Precautions–Stay Safe

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The second wave of Corona is increasing rapidly. The number of corona cases registered as also the number of  Deaths are going up day by day during the past 10, 12 days, as can be seen from the official figures. The pandemic is creating havoc and panic almost in the entire world,  in almost all States of the country,  and the Two States are no exception to it. 

        The second wave is spreading fast,  though the vaccination programme is going on rapidly. Some states in the country are facing the worst situation with large number of cases and deaths. Mini lock down has already imposed in Maharashtra and different types of restrictions have been announced in some other states.  In Telangana also,  the number of cases    have registered four-fold increase during the past four weeks and the hospitals ( both government and private)  are full with patients, apart from home isolation cases.  

      Medical staff,  scientists and government authorities are expressing serious concern over the steep rise in corona cases,  and also on the negligent, care-free attitude of the people in following the precautionary measures and guidelines issued, to stop the spread of the pandemic. It is a matter of concern that inspite of repeated warnings from the doctors and the authorities,  people are not showing due interest in adhering to the guidelines. 

Doctors feel that though there was no need for another lock down as of now,  it should not be considered that the danger is over. Negligent attitude of the people in taking precautionary steps like wearing masks, observing social distance,  washing hands frequently with soap,  avoiding social and religious gatherings,  sanitisation,  etc.,  are reasons for the second wave taking an alarming turn. People should not think that the worst is over and they can move freely. 

Doctors and authorities feel that people should act wise,  observe all guidelines so that the threat of corona spreading fast could be stopped and the avoidable loss of life can be prevented. 

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