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Sravan  demands for an enquiry into the irregularities of flood relief funds distribution in Hyd

AICC National Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju finds fault with the flood relief funds distribution mechanism being adopted by the government and doubts widespread irregularities taking place in the process. Ahead of the GHMC elections, the senior Congress Party leader questioned the legality behind distribution of funds through cash instead of giving away them in the form of cheques or direct online transfers. According to him, the whole flood relief funds distribution process seems like a big scam in which the ruling TRS party leaders are involved to lute the public money like vultures. Hence, the Congress party National spokesperson demanded for an enquiry and a thorough investigation into the matter.

             Sravan  along with senior Congress party leaders including Anjan Kumar Yadav, former MP among others submitted a memorandum to the GHMC Commissioner, on Wednesday and protested a Dharna in front of the civic body’s main gate in Hyderabad. The delegation has pointed out the irregularities, discrimination and misrepresentation in distribution of flood relief funds and raised 11 questions in the memorandum submitted to the GHMC chief.

            While talking to the media,  Dasoju criticized the government’s approach and step motherly treatment towards the flood victims of the incessant rains that lashed the city of Hyderabad and inundated three fourth of the whole city. “Congress party demanded for Rs 50,000 for every flood victim’s family and Rs 5,00,000 to fully destroyed house and Rs 2,50,000 for partially destroyed house. Despite being agreed to give Rs 10,000 for each family, however, they gave only Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 and some they gave Rs 5,000”, he explained.

            The senior Congress party leader has lamented the government for indulging into constitutional violations while resorting to vote bank politics through money making practices. He pointed out that the distribution of flood relief funds in cash instead of using online transfers or cheques leads to heavy corruption and only benefiting the local TRS party leaders to pocketing the public money as it is not being distributed properly to the needy. “Which law permitted the Government and GHMC authorities to withdraw such hundreds of crores of Rupees from Banks”, he questioned.

            As per the GHMC estimates, about 3.9 lakh people have been identified as flood victims and Rs 380 crore flood relief funds have been distributed to them. But, what is the basis of arriving at this number, did the GHMC conduct any door to door survey, Dr Sravan asks. He further demanded for a white paper with the division wise list of beneficiaries who have received the funds.

            Dasoju advised the government to be emphatic towards the flood victims and give away the relief funds to the flood affected tenants in addition to the owners to save them from the massive distraction. He demanded to call for an all party meeting to discuss the reasons for the devastation.

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